Just Keep Going: The Importance of Diesel Engine Maintenance

Just Keep Going: The Importance of Diesel Engine Maintenance



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In most areas of life, it’s easier to take measures to prevent a problem than it is to fix it.

You don’t have to go to your annual dental exams. But would you rather skip them in favor of needing an emergency root canal years later? Of course not!

It’s the same with your diesel vehicle. Keeping up with its recommended maintenance will allow you to avoid bigger and more costly fixes down the road.

There are several reasons you need to invest in diesel engine maintenance. Learn why this is so important here.

Why Choose Diesel?

Diesel engines require regular maintenance. Not sure why you should invest that extra cash instead of just going with gasoline?

Sure, it’s usually cheaper upfront to buy a vehicle, generator or other machines that run on gasoline.

However, diesel energy is much more fuel efficient and will save you money over the long haul. Shop around for a good price to offset the short term costs. Check out Able Sales for diesel generators and consider buying used for a diesel truck.

Keeping up with maintenance will also save you money by extending the life of your diesel engine. Read on to learn more about why maintenance is so important.

Avoid Acidic Rot

If parts of your diesel engine begin to rust and rot, it will be very expensive to have them fixed or replaced. Regularly monitoring your engine’s coolant supply will help avoid this.

Your coolant’s acidity levels should be checked regularly. When they get too high, it should be flushed and replaced.

Keep the Engine Clean or Risk Permanent Damage

A diesel engine can sustain permanent damage if it’s subjected to unclean air, oil, and fuel. Staying on top of this kind of maintenance will greatly increase the life of your vehicle.

To ensure the air is clean, you’ll have to regularly check on the air filters. When they collect too much debris, the filter needs to be cleared or replaced.

Additionally, your oil should be changed approximately every 5,000 miles.

When it comes to keeping the fuel clean, your diesel engine has a primary and secondary filter. After around 10,000 miles, a diesel technician should replace both.

Separate Water From Fuel

Diesel fuel contains water which can be detrimental to your engine. Many engines have an automatic fuel separator. However, if you have an older engine, it might not.

If it doesn’t, you can either learn how to do it manually or have a technician do it. Luckily, they’ll usually do it for free or for a very nominal price.

Keep Your Motor Running with Diesel Engine Maintenance

Regular diesel engine maintenance is important if you want to keep your vehicle running smoothly. It might seem costly or inconvenient in the short term, but it pays off big in the long run.

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