6 Brilliant Reasons Why a Truck Driving Career May Be For You

6 Brilliant Reasons Why a Truck Driving Career May Be For You



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Are you thinking of pursuing a truck driving career but not sure whether you’re making a good move?

First, it’s important to acknowledge that your hesitation is well-founded. Truck driving has a reputation for incredibly long hours; drivers spend days away from their families, with most suffering untold loneliness on America’s highways.

However, the industry is changing, and these cons might not necessarily be a turn off for everyone. Perhaps you’re the kind of person who loves spending time alone!

Either way, here are 6 reasons why pursuing a truck driving career can turn out to be a smart decision.

Buckle up!

1. Easy to Break Into the Profession

To become a trucker, all you need to do is find a good truck driving school, complete a truck driving program and then apply for your Commercial Driver’s License through your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Although CDL programs vary from driving school to driving school, most trainees complete training after about seven weeks!

This is to say you can get started as a truck driver in a span of no more than three months. So if you want to pursue a career that doesn’t require you to spend years in college, this is it.

And that’s not all.

A truck driving program costs anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000. Considering that the cost of completing a degree runs well into five or six figures and most students graduate with debt, it’s safe to say you can easily afford to become a truck driver.

2. Demand for Truck Drivers Is on the Rise

One of the biggest career mistakes you can make is to join a field with a low employment demand. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll only get a job after making countless applications and knocking on several doors.

The good news? Truck driving is a high-demand career.

In 2018, there was a shortage of about 60,000 drivers, which was never met. By 2026, this number is forecast to reach 180,000.

Evidently, as a licensed truck driver, finding a job won’t be a difficult task.

3. Show Me the Money!

You want to pursue a career that pays well. At the end of the day, you have bills to pay and financial goals to achieve.

In this aspect, a truck driving career doesn’t disappoint.

According to ZipRecruiter, an occupational resources website, the national average entry-level salary for truck drivers is $54,574 a year. Top earners pull in over $80,000

Let’s put that into perspective.

The median annual wage in the United States is $44,564, and the average salary for a university graduate in an entry-level position is $50,390 annually.

This means that even without a university education, truck drivers have a greater earning potential than degree holders. Although the nature of the job is different from that of blue collar jobs, the financial compensation is enough to offset any of your reservations.

And depending on your employer, you could get other benefits, such as pension, health insurance, and a company-matched 401(k).

4. Greater Job Security

No one wants to be in a job that could end at any time. The uncertainty can negatively affect your motivation and productivity. You’ll work in fear, wondering when the employer will decide to declare your position redundant.

If you’re looking for a job that promises great security, look no further than truck driving. While a substantial number of blue collar jobs are giving way to automation and artificial intelligence, truck driving has remained unaffected.

Although self-driving trucks are in development, there’s no reason to worry. The trucks will still need someone in the cab, and there are major legal roadblocks manufacturers have to pass before self-driving trucks can become a mainstay on our roads.

And even if self-driving trucks are approved for commercial, everyday use, adoption could become a problem. The vast majority of players in the trucking industry are small businesses that might not afford to replace their regular trucks with self-driving ones.

5. Self-Driving Trucks Could Be a Plus

OK, you probably didn’t expect this twist, but hear us out.

Self-driving trucks can be one of the primary reasons to pursue a truck driving career.

You see, even though automation is eliminating some blue collar jobs, it does make processes safer and more convenient. For aspiring drivers like you, self-driving trucks mean you won’t spend most of your time on the road doing the actual driving. Your job will be reduced to monitoring the truck and intervening when necessary.

If the impeccable safety record of the smaller autonomous vehicles is anything to go by, then self-driving trucks will also be much safer, meaning fewer accidents, injuries, and deaths.

Plus, admit it: Aren’t you excited about the prospect of “driving” a self-driving truck? It’s an opportunity to experience the latest automotive technology first-hand.

6. Get Paid to Travel the Country (and Beyond)

When you hear the words “get paid to travel,” which job first comes to mind?

If you’re like most people, you certainly think of travel journalists, flight attendants, and cruise ship workers never truck drivers. Well, it’s high time you added truck driving to your list of jobs where people get paid to travel.

In your early days, you’ll be tasked with driving locally, but after gaining some experience you’ll start crossing state borders. Before you know it, you’ll be on long-haul routes, driving from one coast to another, and even crossing national borders.

If you’re an adventurous person, this is an opportunity to explore the attractions various destinations along your routes have to offer.

Go on and Pursue a Truck Driving Career

It might not have the glamor, but a truck driving career sure has its perks. From the little educational requirements to the strong job demand, great job security, and competitive compensation, you’ve every reason to become a trucker.

Good luck and be sure to read this informative post on how to rocket to the top of your career.

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